Volume 43 Number 2(1982)

Triplectides of Australia (Insecta: Trichoptera: Leptoceridea)
J. C. Morse and A. Neboiss
43 (2) :61-98 (1982)
Keywords: insecta, trichoptera, leptoceridea

A redescription of Astrosclera willeyana Lister, 1900 (Ceratoporellida: Demospongiae), a new record from the Great Barrier Reef
A. Ayling
43 (2) :99-103 (1982)
Keywords: demosponge, great Barrier reef, Astrosclera

Genus Setodes (Rambur) new to Australian fauna (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae)
A. Neboiss
43 (2) :105-107 (1982)
Keywords: trichoptera, insecta, Setodes

Warendja wakefieldi, a new genus of wombat (Marsupiala: Vombatidae) from Pleistocene sediments in McEacherns Cave, western Victoria
J. H. Hope and H. E. Wilkinson
43 (2) :109-120, pl 3 (1982)
Keywords: wombat, marsupial, pleistocene, palaeontology, geology