Volume 47 Number 2(1986)

Revision of the Australian species of the genus Homalictus Cockerell (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)
K. L. Walker
47 (2) :105-200 (1986)
Keywords: entomology, hymenoptera, homalictus

A new genus and species of morid fish from shallow coastal waters of southern Australia
C. D. Paulin
47 (2) :201-206 (1986)
Keywords: fish, morid

Types of Flatidae (Homoptera) VIII. Lectotype designations and taxonomic notes on species in the Museum of Victoria
J. T. Medler
47 (2) :207-211 (1986)
Keywords: catalogue, flatidae, homoptera, entomology, walker collection

Taxonomic changes in caddis–fly species from the south–west Pacific–Australia region with descriptions of new species (Insecta: Trichoptera)
A. Neboiss
47 (2) :213-223 (1986)
Keywords: entomology, thrichoptera, pacific, australia