Volume 48 Number 2(1987)

Two new genera of Leptophlebiidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) from southwestern Australia
J. C. Dean
48 (2) :91-100 (1987)
Keywords: entomology, ephemeroptera, leptophlebiidae, western australia

Early Ordovician orthide brachiopods from the Digger Island Formation, Waratah Bay, Victoria
J. R. Laurie
48 (2) :101-106 (1987)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, brachiopoda, digger island, ordovician

New and little known species of the water mite genera Tartarothyas, Pseudohydryphantes and Cyclohydryphantes from Australia (Chelicerata: Actinedida: Hydryphantidae)
M. S. Harvey
48 (2) :107-122 (1987)
Keywords: entomology, water–mites, cherilicerata, tartarothyas, pseudohydryphantes, cyclohyryphantes

Grymeus, a new genus of pouched oonopid spider from Australia (Chelicerata: Araneae)
M. S. Harvey
48 (2) :123-130 (1987)
Keywords: entomology, spider, Grymeus

Identity of species of Trichoptera described by K. Korboot 1964–65 (Insecta)
A. Neboiss
48 (2) :131-140 (1987)
Keywords: entomology, trichoptera, korboot

Serolina, a new genus for Serolis minuta Beddard (Crustacea: Isopoda: Serolidae) with descriptions of eight new species from eastern Australia
G. C. B. Poore
48 (2) :141-189 (1987)
Keywords: crustacea, isopoda, serolina

Rhizoecus (Insecta: Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) from Australia with a description of a new species damaging garden plants in Victoria
D. J. Williams
48 (2) :191-194 (1987)
Keywords: entomology, homoptera, rhizoecus