Volume 50 Number 2(1990)

Prionospio and Paraprionospio (Polychaeta: Siphonidae) from southern Australia
R. S. Wilson
50 (2) :243-274 (1990)
Keywords: polychaeta, spionidae, prionospio, paraprionospio

Marine Tubificidae (Oligochaeta) of Victoria, Australia, with descriptions of six new species
C. Erseus
50 (2) :275-285 (1990)
Keywords: oligochaeta

New records of Ophiuridae, Ophiacanthidae and Ophiocomidae (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from southeastern Australia
T. D. O'Hara
50 (2) :287-305 (1990)
Keywords: echinoderms, orphiuroids

A review of the genus Smilasterias (Echinodermata, Asteroidea), with descriptions of two new species from southeastern Australia, one a gastric brooder, and a new species from Macquarie Island
P. M. O'Loughlin and T. D. O'Hara
50 (2) :307-323 (1990)
Keywords: echinoderms, asteroids, smilasterias, australia, macquarie island

New pseudoscorpions of the genera Americhernes Muchmore and Cordylochernes Beier from Australia (Pseudoscorpionida: Chernetidae)
M. S. Harvey
50 (2) :325-336 (1990)
Keywords: entomolgy, pseudoscorpion, americhernes, cordylochernes

Two new species of Partidomomonia Cook from southeastern Australia (Acarina: Momoniidae)
M. S. Harvey
50 (2) :337-340 (1990)
Keywords: entomology, acarina, partidomomonia, water mites

Two new water mite genera from southwestern Australia (Acarina: Aturidae: Mideopsidae)
M. S. Harvey
50 (2) :341-346 (1990)
Keywords: water mites, acarina, western australia

Revision of the genus Nesoxypilus Beier (Mantodea: Amorphoscelidae: Paraoxypilinae)
G. A. Milledge
50 (2) :347-355 (1990)
Keywords: entomology, mantid, nesoxypilus

Cockroaches from the Krakatau Islands (Dictyoptera: Blattaria)
L. M. Roth
50 (2) :357-378 (1990)
Keywords: entomology, cockroach, krakatau

Accalathura (Crustacea: Isopoda: Paranthuridae) from nothern Australia and adjacent seas
G. C. B. Poore and H. M. Lew Ton
50 (2) :379-402 (1990)
Keywords: crustacea, isopoda, accalathura, northern australia

Abyssianiridae, a synonym of Paramunnidae (Crustacea: Isopoda: Asellota), with two new species of Abyssianira from southeastern Australia
J. Just
50 (2) :403-415 (1990)
Keywords: crustacea, isopoda, abyssianira

Terrestrial Isopoda from the Krakatau Islands, South Sumatra and West Java
A. J. A. Green, F. Ferrara and S. Taiti
50 (2) :417-436 (1990)
Keywords: crustacea, isopoda, terrestrial, krakatau, sumatra, java

Mysella australiana sp. nov. from Bass Strait, Australia (Crustacea: Mysidae: Mysidellinae)
G. E. Fenton
50 (2) :437-441 (1990)
Keywords: crustacea, mysidae, mysidella

Haplostylus tattersalli sp. nov. from Bass Strait, Australia (Crustacea: Mysidae: Gastrsaccinae)
G. E. Fenton
50 (2) :443-450 (1990)
Keywords: crustacea, mysidae, haplostylus

A new species of Donsiella (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) associated with the isopod Limnoria stephenseni Menzies from Macquarie Island
G. R. F. Hicks
50 (2) :451-456 (1990)
Keywords: crustacea, copepoda, macquarie island,donsiella

Three new species of Octopus (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) from southeastern Australia
T. N. Stranks
50 (2) :457-465 (1990)
Keywords: mollusca, cephalopoda, octopus

The Tertiary bryozoan family Prostomariidae – morphology and relationships
D. P. Gordon
50 (2) :467-472 (1990)
Keywords: bryozoa, palaeontology, geology, tertiary, prostomariidae