Volume 56 Number 1(1997)

Revision of the Tribe Archimantini (Mantodea: Mantidae: Mantinae)
G. A. Milledge
56 (1) :1-63 (1997)
Keywords: entomology, mantids

A new species of Progradungula Forster and Gray (Araneae: Gradungulidae) from Victoria
G. A. Milledge
56 (1) :65-68 (1997)
Keywords: entomolgy, spiders, progradungula

Supplement to a revision of Australian members of the bee genus Homalictus (Cockerell) (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)
K. Walker
56 (1) :69-82 (1997)
Keywords: entomology, bees, homalictus, hymenoptera

Descriptions of new Leptophlebiidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) from Australia. 1. Tillyardophlebia gen. nov.
J. C. Dean
56 (1) :83-89 (1997)
Keywords: entomology, may flies, tillyardophlebia

Phylogeny and biogeography of Australian genera of Chlorocystini (Insecta: Homoptera: Tibicinidae)
A. J. de Boer
56 (1) :91-123 (1997)
Keywords: entomology, homoptera, chlorocystini

The type species of Aleurodicus Douglas, a whitefly genus of economic importance (Homoptera: Aleyrododae)
J. H. Martin
56 (1) :125-128 (1997)
Keywords: entomology, white fly, homoptera, aleurodicus

Additions to the taxonomy of the Limnoriidae (Crustacea: Isopoda)
I. J. Cookson
56 (1) :129-143 (1997)
Keywords: crustacea, isopoda, limnriidae

A new genus of marine isopod (Crustacea: Flabellifera: Sphaeromatidae) from Australia and the Indo–Pacific Ocean
N. L. Bruce
56 (1) :145-234 (1997)
Keywords: crustacea, isopoda, flabellifera

Spermatological evidence supports the taxonomic placement of the Australian endemic hairy stone crab Lomis hirta (Decapoda: Anomura: Lomidae)
C. C. Tudge
56 (1) :235-244 (1997)
Keywords: crustacea, decapoda, lomis

A remarkable new pygmy seahorse (Syngnathidae: Hippocampus) from southeastern Australia, with a redescription of H. bargibanti Whitley from New Caledonia
M. F. Gomon
56 (1) :245-253 (1997)
Keywords: fish, sea horse, hippocampus, bargibanti, australia, new caledonia

A new grenadier, genus Trachonurus, from New Zealand and Australia (Pisces: Gadiformes: Macrouridae)
T. Iwamoto and P. McMillan
56 (1) :255-259 (1997)
Keywords: fish, genadier, new zealand, australia, trachonurus

Under the iceberg
P. Bridgewater and D. W. Walton
56 (1) :261-265 (1997)
Keywords: conference theme,,biodiversity, invertebrate

"Indicator' taxa in invertebrate assessment
P. S. Cranston and J. W. H. Trueman
56 (1) :267-274 (1997)
Keywords: biodiversity, invertebrate, indicators

Biodiversity and biogeographic relationships of selected invertebrates from urban bushland remnants, Perth, Western Australia
M. S. Harvey, J. M. Waldock, R. A. How, J. Dell and E. Kostas
56 (1) :275-280 (1997)
Keywords: biodiversity, invertebrate, biogeography, western australia, urban