Volume 57 Number 1(1998)

Dendrotiidae (Crustacea: Isopoda) of the southeastern Australian continental slope
B. F. Cohen
57 (1) :1-38 (1998)

A review of Nebaliella (Crustacea: Leptostraca) with the description of a new species from the continental slope of southeastern Australia
G. K. Walker-Smith
57 (1) :39-56 (1998)

A review of the genus Leontocaris (Crustacea: Caridea: Hippolytidae) with descriptions of three species from southeastern Australian seamounts and slope
J. Taylor and G. C. B. Poore
57 (1) :57-69 (1998)

Corrections to the list of Collembola species recorded from Toohey forest, Queensland
P. Greenslade and D. Rodgers
57 (1) :71-72 (1998)

New species and a new record of Ecnomus McLachlan (Trichoptera: Ecnomidae) from Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya
D. I. Cartwright
57 (1) :73-87 (1998)

Review of Australian species of Triaenodes McLachlan (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae)
A. Neboiss and A. Wells
57 (1) :89-132 (1998)

Two new species of Conoesucus Mosely from Tasmania (Trichoptera: Conoesucidae)
J. E. Jackson
57 (1) :133-142 (1998)

Fishes of Wilsons Promontory and Corner Inlet, Victoria: composition and biogeographic affinities
M. L. Turner and M. D. Norman
57 (1) :143-165 (1998)