A checklist of marine anomurans (Crustacea: Decapoda) of Pakistan, northern Arabian Sea

F. A. Siddiqui and Q. B. Kazmi
60(1): 87-89 (2003)

A checklist of marine Anomura from Pakistan is presented. A review of the literature showed that the anomuran fauna comprises 45 species representing 16 genera and six families arranged in three superfamilies. The family Diogenidae is best represented, with 23 species in five genera; the families Coenobitidae and Paguridae each have a single genus with three species in the former, and two species in the latter; the family Porcellanidae has 15 species in seven genera; whereas the families Albuneidae and Hippidae are each represented with one species. The list contains information on habitat and geographical distribution.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Crustacea, Anomura, Pakistan, checklist