A new Late Eocene cassiduloid (Echinoidea) from Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Francis C. Holmes
61(2): 209-216 (2004)

A new species of cassiduloid, from the Muloowurtie Formation on the east coast of Yorke Peninsula, is described and tentatively assigned to the genus Rhynchopygus. R? janchrisorum sp. nov. is the first record of the genus, as redefined by Smith and Jeffery (2000), to occur outside Europe, and the first confirmed from the Cainozoic. The history of species previously assigned to Rhynchopygus is briefly discussed and details of further occurrences of the type species, R. marmini, listed.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Echinoidea, Cassiduloida, Rhynchopygus, Late Eocene, South Australia, new species