Memoirs of Museum Victoria

A new species of Neamia (Perciformes: Apogonidae) from the West Pacific Ocean

Thomas H. Fraser and Gerald R. Allen

63(1): 1–5 (2006)

Abstract: A new species of apogonid fish, Neamia articycla, is described from Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Fiji, bringing the total number of described Neamia spp to three. It is distinguished from Neamia notula in preservation by: a circular, ocellated dark spot rather than one that is oval-shaped and flattened along its anterior margin, with an outer, narrow darkish edge clockwise dorsally from abutting edge of preopercle around to meeting ventral abutting edge of preopercle, a faint, narrow, horizontal line of melanophores below the eye reaching the preopercle ridge; in life no darkish marks behind the eyes, a circular spot with pale outer band without dark edging instead of an oval spot flattened along preopercle edge with a darkish edge; five predorsal scales instead of four; usually 22 pored, lateral-line scales instead of 23 and a longer pectoral fin. Neamia articycla can be distinguished from Neamia octospina by having 14 pectoral rays instead of 17–21 and by having seven visible first-dorsal spines instead of eight.

Keywords: Apogonidae, Neamia articycla, Neamia notula, cardinalfish, new species Apogonichthys, Foa, Fowleria

Citation: Fraser, T.H. & Allen, G.R., 2006. A new species of Neamia (Perciformes: Apogonidae) from the West Pacific Ocean. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 63: 1-5.

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