Australian trevallies of the genus Pseudocaranx (Teleostei: Carangidae), with description of a new species from Western Australia

William F. Smith-Vaniz and Howard L. Jelks
63(1): 97–106 (2006)

Pseudocaranx dinjerra sp. nov. is described from Western Australia. It differs from the Australian endemic Pseudocaranx wrighti in having the posterior margin of the upper jaw nearly vertical, lachrymal without scales, 19–21 versus 24–28 lower gill rakers and 53–66 versus 37–48 scales in the curved part of the lateral line. The new species is distinguished from Australian populations of P. georgianus and “dentex” primarily by having a different combination of meristic values including 14 versus 15 caudal vertebra, 19–21 versus 21–24 segmented anal-fin rays and 58–75 versus 72–95 total lateral-line scales. Diagnoses are given for P. wrighti and P. georgianus, and specimens from Queensland and Lord Howe Island are discussed and provisionally identified as P. dentex.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Carangidae, Pseudocaranx, new species, Western Australia, antitropical distribution