Description of a new species of dwarf Philypnodon (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Eleotridae) from south-eastern Australia

Douglass F. Hoese and Sally Reader
63(1): 15–19 (2006)

The present paper describes a single species from the coastal drainages in the Coffs Harbour area of New South Wales. The species differs from the only previously described species, Philypnodon grandiceps, in having a narrower gill opening (ending under posterior preopercular margin versus under eye), more vertebrae (30–32 versus 29–30), smaller size (maximum size 60 mm SL versus 90 mm SL) and in coloration, particularly lacking the thin vertical bands on sides of the belly characteristic of Philypnodon grandiceps. The new species occurs in freshwater and estuarine localities in south-eastern Australia, often occuring with Philypnodon grandiceps.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Fish, Gobioidei, Eleotridae, gudgeon, Philypnodon, new species