Description of two new species of Nesogobius (Pisces: Gobioidei: Gobiidae) from southern Australia

Douglass F. Hoese and Helen K. Larson
63(1): 7–13 (2006)

Two new species of Nesogobius are described from southern Australia and compared with described species Nesogobius pulchellus Castelnau and Nesogobius hinsbyi (McCulloch and Ogilby). Nesogobius greeni, sp. nov. differs from N. pulchellus in lacking a spine in the second dorsal and anal fin and in lacking head pores. Nesogobius maccullochi sp. nov. differs from N. hinsbyi in having head pores and fewer dorsal spines and dorsal and anal rays.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Fish, Gobioidei, Gobiidae, gobies, Nesogobius, new species