Simipercis trispinosa, a new genus and species of sandperch (Perciformes: Pinguipedidae) from eastern Australia

Jeffrey W. Johnson and John E. Randall
63(1): 57–64 (2006)

Simipercis trispinosa is described as a new genus and species of pinguipedid fish from 93 specimens collected mostly by demersal trawl from the continental shelf of eastern Australia between Swain Reefs, Queensland and Broken Bay, New South Wales in depths from 51 to 170 m. The new genus is most closely related to Parapercis Bleeker, 1863, but is unique among pinguipedid fishes in having a combination of vomer and palatines edentate, dorsal spines 3, no distinct exposed, pointed opercular spine, preopercle and subopercle entire, ten abdominal and 20–21 caudal vertebrae, low naked fleshy nuchal crest, interorbital and suborbital with large ctenoid scales extending forward to near anterior margin of eye, and head and body moderately compressed.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Pinguipedidae, Simipercis, Parapercis, new genus, new species, Queensland, New South Wales, Australia