A new species of Colossendeis (Pycnogonida: Colossendeidae) together with records from Australian and New Zealand waters

David A. Staples
64: 79-94 (2007)
Six species of the genus Colossendeis Jarzynsky, 1870 and one species of Hedgpethia Turpaeva, 1973 are reported from Australian and New Zealand waters; namely Colossendeis arcuata Milne-Edwards, 1885, C. colossea Wilson, 1881, C. tasmanica sp. nov, C. melancholicus Stock, 1975, C. spicula Child, 1994, C. mycterismos Bamber, 2004 and Hedgpethia dampieri (Child, 1975). Colossendeis melancholicus, C. spicula and C. mycterismos are recorded from the region for the first time. Diagnoses for each species are provided. Type specimens of Hedgpethia dampieri have been re-examined.
Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Pycnogonida, southern Australia, north-west Australia, New Zealand, Colossendeidae, Colossendeis, Hedgpethia, deep-sea, Tasman Sea, NORFANZ