New apseudomorph tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea) from eastern Australia: Apseudidae, Whiteleggiidae, Metapseudidae and Pagurapseudidae

Magdalena Błażewicz-Paszkowycz and Roger N. Bamber
64: 107-148 (2007)
Investigation of apseudomorph tanaidacean material collected between 1979 and 1984 from Bass Strait and held in the collections of Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, has revealed eight new species, five in Apseudidae (including one new genus), two in Metapseudidae (including one new genus) and one in Pagurapseudidae. These taxa are described below. The new apseudid genus Annexos shows great similarity to Apseudes sensu stricto, but is without an exopod on the cheliped or on pereopod 1. Two new species of Apseudes show a common feature of maxilliped spination in eastern Australian taxa; Spinosapseudes colobus sp. nov., the second species of this genus, is described from a similar geography to the first, but is distinguished by the proportionately more compact articles of the antennular and antennal peduncles, the mandibular palp and the pereopods. Pugiodactylus syntomos sp. nov. is predominantly distinguished by having compact articles in the antenna, cheliped and pereopod 1; Labraxeudes heliodiscus gen. et sp. nov. (Metapseudidae) has a unique combination of substantial rostrum, exopodites on the cheliped and pereopod 1, compact antenna, short uropod, simple pereonite setation, compact propodi, dorsum of pereopod 1 basis without apophyses, robust cheliped and antennule peduncle without inner row of conspicuous denticulation; Metapseudes wilsoni sp. nov., only the second species of this genus to be discovered, is distinguished by its conspicuously more slender antennules and antennae with more pronounced, pointed denticulations on the proximal antennule peduncle article, and one fewer article in the main flagellum of the antennule; Similipedia diarris sp. nov., again the second species of this genus to be discovered, is distinguished by having no squama on the antenna, no rostrum, and dorsal spiniform apophyses rather than setae on the pereonites.
Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Tanaidacea, Apseudomorpha, Australia, Bass Strait, Annexos, Apseudes, Gollumudes, Spinosapseudes, Pseudowhiteleggia, Pugiodactylus, Labraxeudes, Metapseudes, Similipedia, Whiteleggia