Memoirs of Museum Victoria

Notes on Candelabrum australe (Briggs, 1928) (Hydrozoa, Anthoathecatae)

Jeanette E. Watson

64: 103-106 (2007)

Abstract: Candelabrum australe is a rare species known only from southern Australian waters and is reported for the first time from New Zealand. The large cap-shaped hydranth is very active. The cnidome comprises at least nine size-classes of nematocysts in four morphological categories. The hydranth is bisexual, the sexes borne separately on stout branched blastostyles from which lobate actinula larvae are released.

Keywords: Candelabrum australe, southern Australia, New Zealand, active hydranth, cnidome, bisexual, actinula larva

Citation: Watson, J.E., 2007. Notes on Candelabrum australe (Briggs, 1928) (Hydrozoa, Anthoathecatae). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 64: 103-106.

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