New records of the shrimp genus Lissosabinea (Caridea: Crangonidae) from Australia including descriptions of three new species and a key to world species

Joanne Taylor and David J. Collins

66(1): 175-187 (2009)

Five species of Lissosabinea (Crustacea: Caridea: Crangonidae) are reported from Australia: three species are new to science, L. arthuri sp. nov. from 260–265 metres off Victoria, L. beresfordi. sp. nov. from 370–410 metres off Tasmania and L. lynseyae sp. nov. from 414–421 metres off Western Australia. Two species are new records for Australian waters, L. ecarina Komai, 2006 from 110 metres and L. indica (De Man, 1918) from 110–451 metres off the continental shelf of north-western Western Australia. These records expand the number of Lissosabinea species previously recorded world wide from fi ve to eight. A revised key and illustrated guide to the world species is provided.

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