A new species of Peribrissus (Echinoidea, Spatangoida) from the middle Miocene of South Australia

Francis C. Holmes

68: 29-35 (2011)

A new species of spatangoid echinoid from the middle Miocene Glenforslan Formation cropping out in the Murray River cliffs near Blanchetown, South Australia, is described and assigned to the genus Peribrissus. Peribrissus janiceae sp. nov. is only the third species of this genus to be recorded, and the first to occur outside the Mediterranean area of Europe and North Africa. Brief references are made to the similarity of certain features in Prenaster, Pericosmus and Peribrissus, which have caused confusion with identification in the past.

Keywords Echinoidea, Spantangoida, Perebrissus, new taxa, middle Miocene, South Australia

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