The paracaudinid sea cucumbers of Australia and New Zealand (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Molpadida: Caudinidae)

P. Mark O'Loughlin, Shari Barmos and Didier VandenSpiegel
68: 37-65 (2011)

The four Paracaudina Heding species reported in Australia are reviewed: Paracaudina australis (Semper); Paracaudina chilensis (Müller); Paracaudina luticola Hickman; Paracaudina tetrapora (H. L. Clark). The New Zealand species Paracaudina coriacea (Hutton) is raised out of synonymy with the Chilean species Paracaudina chilensis (Müller). Both Paracaudina chilensis (Müller) and Paracaudina coriacea (Hutton) occur in New Zealand. The synonymy of the Chinese and Japanese species Paracaudina ransonnetii (Marenzeller) with Paracaudina chilensis (Müller) is maintained. Five new Caudinidae species are erected for Australia, with authors O’Loughlin and Barmos: Paracaudina ambigua, Paracaudina bacillis, Paracaudina cuprea, Paracaudina keablei, Paracaudina tripoda. A key is provided for Paracaudina species in Australia and New Zealand.

Full Article (PDF) Keywords: Sea cucumber, Molpadida, Caudinidae, Paracaudina, new species, synonymies, Australia, New Zealand, key.