Corporate Information

Museums Victoria has been creating knowledge, entertaining visitors and building the State Collection since 1854. The collection is an invaluable record of Victoria’s environmental and cultural history, and our amazing wealth of objects has been inspiring a sense of wonder and awe in visitors for generations.

We have been part of the lives and experiences of Victorians for more than 150 years. Over that time, we have engaged audiences and connected people with new ideas about themselves and the world around them. The ways in which the community interacts with us have evolved significantly and they continue to change.

Our Vision

Museums Victoria: Leading museums that delight, inspire, connect and enrich

Statement of Purpose

As a cherished cultural organisation, we engage in contemporary issues of relevance, interest and public benefit.

Both within and beyond our museums, we encourage participation in the diversity of experiences we offer.

We develop and use our knowledge, collections and expertise to build connections with and between individuals and communities to enhance understanding and a sense of belonging.

Last updated 6 November 2013