Service Charter

Our commitment

At Museum Victoria we demonstrate our commitment to high quality customer service by providing:

  • great spaces
  • inspiring and engaging experiences
  • knowledge and learning through our collections and research
  • responsive staff
  • environmentally responsible practices.

Your feedback helps us assess how we deliver on our commitment. Our customer service policies and practices are regularly reviewed.

Our customers

Museum Victoria’s customers include visitors to our venues and online; participants in our offsite programs; our members and volunteers; researchers; students; government agencies; cultural institutions; partners, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Our Service Standards

Museum Victoria’s Service Standards help us deliver a high level of customer service. Our staff will:

  • warmly greet, acknowledge and welcome you at every point of contact
  • listen to what your needs are, and strive to meet or exceed your expectations
  • respond to your enquiry or issue and bring it to a resolution
  • help create an experience relevant to you by explaining our services, facilities and products. 

How to contact us

At our museums:
Our staff, and/or via our dedicated computer stations (located in the main foyers)

On the telephone:
Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and Immigration Museum: 
13 11 02 (Australia wide)

03 9663 5454

Visit the Contact Us page on our website:
or via Facebook: Museum Victoria
or via Twitter: @museumvictoria

Via post :
Customer Service Manager
(Museum name) Melbourne Museum or Scienceworks or Immigration Museum or IMAX
GPO Box 666
Melbourne VIC 3001 

Our response

When we receive written correspondence from you a staff member will respond in writing within 10 days. If the matter requires more time, you will be informed of the intended actions and timelines.

We aim to meet your needs

What you tell us will influence the decisions we make to build our museums that make Victorians and visitors to Victoria proud.

Anonymity and privacy

Museum Victoria respects the privacy of individuals and will comply with the Information Privacy Act 2000 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982 in the collection, use, storage, management, provision of access to, amendment of and disposal of information.

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