Environmental Sustainability

Museum Victoria's priceless collection, which dates back to 1854, records Australia's environmental and cultural history. It is an irreplaceable resource for understanding the past, reflecting on the present and looking into the future.

Our research contributes to the community’s understanding of critical contemporary issues, such as the impact of climate change on biodiversity, environments and human societies.

We are also committed to implementing eco-sustainable practices within our museums, supported by a culture of continuous improvement.

Our programs

  • Melbourne Museum launched the redeveloped Science and Life Gallery in October 2010. Wild: Amazing Animals in a Changing World presents the rich biodiversity of our planet and the eco-systems it supports. Dynamic Earth and 600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves explore the forces that shape our planet and the evolution of the life it supports.
  • Museum Victoria’s Planetarium show Our Living Climate, which details how the Earth’s climate has evolved, received a 2009 Full Dome Award of Excellence at the 4th Jena Full Dome Festival.
  • We are developing innovative ways of connecting people with their environment, such as the Biodiversity Snapshots schools project and the Field Guide to Victorian Fauna app.

Our research

Current projects include:

  • Investigating the post-bushfire recovery of frog populations in the Kinglake area.
  • Monitoring the health of Victorian and NSW streams through ecological studies of their invertebrate communities.
  • Studying the effects of climate change in the deep ocean floors and submarine volcanic vents through taxonomy and ecology of echinoderms.

Our infrastructure

  • A water tank with capacity of 1.35 million litres has been installed underneath the western forecourt of the Royal Exhibition Building to capture roof water run-off. The tank will provide water for the fountains, lakes, garden beds and trees in Carlton Gardens.
  • The Melbourne Museum car park has been fitted with energy efficient light sensors.
  • We are working towards the implementation of an Energy Performance Contracts across our sites, as part of the Greener Government Buildings Program.

Our Practices

  • An office recycling program has been rolled out across our venues, which aims to reduce the amount of office waste going into landfill.
  • Museum Victoria's Climate Change Committee has introduced a bicycle fleet program for work-related travel.
  • We are investigating optimal energy-efficient sustainable environments for the storage and display of collection items.
Children from Lara Primary School participating in the Biodiversity Snapshots fieldwork project
Children participating in the Biodiversity Snapshots fieldwork project

Alpine Stream
Alpine Stream

Western Forecourt Royal Exhibition Building model
Western Forecourt Royal Exhibition Building model

Museum Victoria bike fleet bikes
Museum Victoria bike fleet bikes