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The Slender Rat. In Montane Forests of Sulawesi, Museum Victoria Scientist Discovers a New Species of Mammal – The Slender Rat There’s a new mammal in town! The ‘Slender Rat’ is a new genus of rodent discovered on Sulawesi. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 18 Apr 2016
A red and a black inner ear (cochlea) of a xenorophid,an ancestor to the modern-day dolphin. 26-Million-Year-Old Fossil Ear Reveals the Origin of Dolphin Hearing and Communication Complex sensory system and communication unique in the animal kingdom. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 13 Apr 2016
Jurassic World Exhibition Jurassic World: The Exhibition – Global Premiere Museum Victoria, Imagine Exhibitions, Inc. and NBCUniversal Brand Development are delighted to announce that Melbourne Museum will host the world premiere gala opening of Jurassic World: The Exhibition. MELBOURNE MUSEUM 19 Mar 2016
Boy on skateboard Emerging designers on show in Top Designs 2016 The remarkable work of 90 of Victoria’s top VCE and VET design students is displayed in Top Designs 2016 at Melbourne Museum. MELBOURNE MUSEUM 18 Mar 2016
Dr John (Jack) Horner Jurassic World: The Exhibition at Melbourne Museum with World-Famous Paleontologist Jack Horner as Special Guest Melbourne Museum and Imagine Exhibitions announce that Jack Horner, one of the best known paleontologists in the world, will be attending the opening night of Jurassic World: The Exhibition. MELBOURNE MUSEUM 13 Mar 2016
Mouse Endangered Smoky Mouse Defies the Odds in Grampians National Park Results published today in the CSIRO journal Wildlife Research reveal that a resilient population of Smoky Mice has persisted for over 40 years. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 14 Jan 2016
stick insect World first captive breeding program of Rare Giant Stick Insect succeeds at Museum Victoria Lady Gaga (Ctenomorpha gargantua) – Australia's largest stick insect – will have grandchildren. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 08 Jan 2016
Nudibranch Museum Victoria publishes Nudibranchs and related molluscs field guide Museum Victoria has released Nudibranchs and related molluscs as part of the Museum Victoria Marine Field Guide series. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 10 Dec 2015