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Mouse Endangered Smoky Mouse Defies the Odds in Grampians National Park Results published today in the CSIRO journal Wildlife Research reveal that a resilient population of Smoky Mice has persisted for over 40 years. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 14 Jan 2016
stick insect World first captive breeding program of Rare Giant Stick Insect succeeds at Museum Victoria Lady Gaga (Ctenomorpha gargantua) – Australia's largest stick insect – will have grandchildren. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 08 Jan 2016
Nudibranch Museum Victoria publishes Nudibranchs and related molluscs field guide Museum Victoria has released Nudibranchs and related molluscs as part of the Museum Victoria Marine Field Guide series. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 10 Dec 2015
Royal Exhibition Building Designers announced for Royal Exhibition Building project The Royal Exhibition Building Protection and Promotion Project has moved into the design phase with Museum Victoria announcing the appointment of Lovell Chen. ROYAL EXHIBITION BUILDING 23 Nov 2015
Museum Victoria Scientists Announce Discovery of a Hog-nosed Rat As part of an international research team, Museum Victoria scientists have discovered a new species of mammal, Hyorhinomys stuempkei. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 06 Oct 2015
link to media release Growling Grass Frog growls for attention Scientific study finds the vulnerable Growling Grass Frog under increasing threat from rapid urbanisation in Melbourne. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 01 Sep 2015
link to media release Individual Excellence Award A Senior Curator at Museum Victoria, Deborah Tout-Smith, has received a prestigious Victorian Museum Award from Museums Australia (Victoria) MUSEUMS VICTORIA 11 Aug 2015
link to media release 2015 Victorian Museum Awards Museum Victoria has received a prestigious Victorian Museum Award from Museums Australia (Victoria), the industry body for Victoria’s museums. MUSEUMS VICTORIA 11 Aug 2015