House Secrets being told for the last time

House Secrets
House Secrets
Image: B.Healley
Source: Museum Victoria

 Media contact: Alex Dook

After 10 years and millions of visitors, the much-loved House Secrets exhibition at Scienceworks is being repurposed, recycled and reborn.

House Secrets, which opened on 16 July 2003, was built to explore the physics, chemistry and biology encountered in the home. It features exhibits on the science of refrigerators, televisions and toilets. An adventurous mouse guides visitors under stairs, behind walls and into the bin.

But just because House Secrets featured exhibits on the science of rubbish doesn't mean it's just going to the tip.

"It's very important to Scienceworks that the removal of House Secrets is environmentally responsible," said Kate Phillips, Museum Victoria's Senior Curator of Science Communication. "We'll try to use parts of House Secrets in existing Museum Victoria exhibitions or give them a second life elsewhere."

Any material from House Secrets that does not find a new home will be professionally recycled.

Although House Secrets will be missed, Think Ahead, a new long-term exhibition about the future of science and technology will be opening on 4 December 2013. The exhibition will focus on past and emerging technologies, from transport and space to food and music.

"Even though we're sad to see such a wonderful exhibition as House Secrets go, we're thrilled at the chance to develop another science exhibition for Melbourne," said Ms Phillips.

House Secrets will close on 14 July at the end of Scienceworks' winter school holiday program.

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