Bugs Alive! turns ten

Butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive! exhibition
Butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive! exhibition
Image: Jon Augier
Source: Museum Victoria

Media contact: Alex Dook

Melbourne Museum is celebrating the tenth birthday of Bugs Alive! exhibition, a long-standing visitor favourite.

The exciting, hands-on exhibition has brought creepy crawlies out of the garden and allowed hundreds of thousands of visitors to get up close and personal with the microscopic world of insects.

Bugs Alive! amplifies, enlarges and time-stretches the micro world of bugs so visitors can experience them as never before,” said Patrick Honan, manager of Live Exhibits, Museum Victoria. “We learn about insects’ habitats, life cycles, social lives and how much humans depend on them.”

The exhibition features five components: how bugs dominate life on Earth; the fascinating lives and ways of bugs; how alien bugs can threaten Australia; are dangerous bugs really dangerous or do they just have a bad reputation; and displays from the museum’s extensive entomology collection.

The exhibition is managed by a curatorial staff of entomologists, as well as Honan’s Live Exhibits Unit, who breed and raise more than 90 insect species. School groups and kindergartens are able to book into a bug-themed education program and primary and secondary education programs are available for free on the Museum Victoria website.

Bugs Alive! appeals to a wide audience. Children and families particularly enjoy the live demonstrations and hands on elements that are guaranteed to excite, amaze and possibly terrify. The exhibition’s interactive exhibits and the chance to come face-to-face with a variety of mysterious, unusual and often beautiful insects continue to ensure its popularity with many visitors.”

Bugs Alive! was launched in March 2004, as part of Museum Victoria’s 150th anniversary year.

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Bugs Alive! exhibition display Insect display in the Bugs Alive! exhibition at Melbourne Museum. Butterflies on display in the Bugs Alive! exhibition at Melbourne Museum.