Take a walk through Spotswood’s history

Beer six-packs, 1967
A studio photograph of beer stubbie six-packs (Victoria Bitter, Foster's Larger, Melbourne Bitter).
Image: Laurie Richards Studio
Source: Museum Victoria

Media contact: Alex Dook

The origin of Ned Kelly’s armour, the birthplace of the stubbie, and Melbourne’s first sewage system are just some of the highlights of Museum Victoria’s new Spotswood Industrial Heritage mobile-device walking tour.

The walking tour, available on both Apple and Android devices, uses audio, video, and hundreds of historical photographs to paint a picture of the evolution of Spotswood.

"The walking tour takes participants on a journey from Spotswood’s agricultural beginnings to its transformation into an important industrial centre for Melbourne," said Dr Charlotte Smith, Project Curator. "Spotswood has contributed to history in unexpected ways. Australian Consolidated Industries invented the 375ml stubbie in the glass factory on the corner of Simcock Avenue and Booker Street, where they are still produced today for Carlton United Breweries."

"The breastplate of Ned Kelly’s armour was originally part of a plough made by Lennon’s Agricultural Implement Works, which stood next to the local pub."

"The tour also features the iconic Spotswood Pumping Station, which was built in the 1890s as a key component of the Melbourne Sewerage Scheme. It played a vital role in helping to overcome the city’s early sanitation problems, and has since been awarded heritage status."

The tour, which was developed with assistance from Hobson’s Bay City Council staff and volunteers, has 37 stops and takes approximately two hours.

"In Spotswood, community and industry have supported each other for over a century,’ said Dr Smith. ‘Spotswood truly is a thriving suburb with an old soul."

The app can be downloaded for free from here.

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