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by Kate C
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7 April 2011
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In this video, Head of Sciences Mark Norman and Gunditjmara Elder Ken Saunders talk about the recent Bush Blitz project at Lake Condah.

Watch this video with a transcript

More Bush Blitz video is coming soon!

Bush Blitz is a three-year national project to document plants and animals protected in Australia’s National Reserve System. Bush Blitz is a multi-million dollar partnership between the Australian Government, BHP Billiton, Earthwatch Australia and the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN) AusPlots. It involves Australia’s top scientists from museums, herbariums and research institutions across the country.


Bush Blitz

Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project

ABC Mission Voices: Lake Condah

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Andrea Radley 26 April, 2011 13:13
This story was on the front page of our local newspaper the Standard (2 April). Our family were very excited to read about your project. Especially the picure of the insect that accompanied the story. We found a Katydid the weekend before at Mt Eccles (Budjbin National Park) and could not identify it until we saw the story. My children and I are very interested in insects and were excited to find such a large one with with the hidden surprise of the bright colours under its wings. It sounds like a very exciting project.
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