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by Patrick
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13 April 2011
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The Live Exhibits Unit has taken on three new full-time keepers in recent months, who you might see working in the Forest Gallery and Bugs Alive at Melbourne Museum.

Dave Paddock hails from Wellington Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo. He has travelled the world as a sightseer and tour guide. His favourite animals at Live Exhibits change depending on the day – today it is the toadhoppers in Bugs Alive, which Dave will blog about in the near future.

David Paddock David Paddock getting out of the mud.
Source: Museum Victoria

As the photo illustrates, Dave is specialises at getting out of sticky situations on field trips. He also loves bushwalking and does an expert baboon impression. Dave has only one enemy – a cockatoo called Jake at Wellington Zoo.

Rowena Flynn has been a postie, horticulturalist and Art and Environment teacher with a degree in Asian Studies and honours degree in Political Science. She’s been a casual keeper on Live Exhibits since 2006 and her proudest moment is becoming a full-time keeper.


Rowena once navigated with a compass from Kathmandu to Italy in a truck, and now travels Australia looking for the perfect wave. Her favourite animal is Mrs Moloch, the Thorny Devil, who can be seen feeding on ants from time to time in Bugs Alive.

Chloe Miller also goes by the name Sugar Rose and her favourite animals are chameleons, even though she’s volunteered with Orang Utans in Borneo.

Chloe Miller Chloe Miller with a monitor lizard.
Source: Chloe Miller

Originally from Alexandra in central Victoria where she worked for Parks Victoria, Chloe has an Animal Science degree and was also a Customer Service Officer at Melbourne Museum. She has a killer bowling arm and her favourite music is the soundtrack to the movie You’ve Got Mail.

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