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by Kate C
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29 April 2011
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The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is dominating the media at present but I imagine it's keeping the souvenir industry just as busy. Commemorative tea towels, spoons, biscuit tins and more are issued at every royal milestone. Some people are serious collectors of royal memorabilia while others of us merely dabble, often for its kitsch value.

Like many workplaces, staff at the museum tend to have a favourite, personal coffee mug. There are not one, not two, but three much-loved royal wedding coffee mugs belonging to people who work in the online department:

  three mugs Staff coffee mugs commerating three separate royal weddings.
Source: Museum Victoria

But wait... have a close look at the mug on the right... that's not Prince William!

Do you have any royal memorabilia? Why do you think it is so popular?


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Comments (1)

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Lucy 2 May, 2011 13:38
Hilarious! I noticed that straight away!!! Haha, I love it.
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