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by Ely Wallis
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4 April 2012
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Ely is responsible for publishing information about the museum’s collections online – on our own website and on websites run by others. Originally trained as a zoologist, she dropped into the relatively new field of museum informatics several years ago and has never looked back.

We are very excited to announce our participation in the Google Art Project.

At Museum Victoria we aim to give as many people as possible access to our rich and wonderful collections. The internet provides ways to do that far beyond the walls of our public exhibition venues. We provide access to over 72,000 items from our History and Technology Collections through our own Collections Online site. But we also contribute to other projects, which might attract new visitors to our collections; people who come with different interests – or even just different search terms.

Google Art Project Museum Victoria's collection on Google Art Project.
Source: Google / Museum Victoria

Originally launched in February 2011, the Art Project has now expanded its reach and scope to include 151 institutions across 40 different countries. Museum Victoria has contributed 185 high resolution images into the site, along with detailed descriptive information about each work and biographies of the artists where they are known. The items range from Aboriginal bark paintings, beautiful pencil illustrations, historic photographs depicting early Victorian history, to scientific illustrations and works on display at Melbourne Museum.

The project has been interesting and challenging for museum staff as we have had to think about objects in the collection through the lens of 'art'. Our collections are made for their scientific, cultural or personal significance, so it has been fascinating to look again at the items we hold and to tell their story through art.

To go along with the Art Project website, the Museum has also made thirteen videos about the stories of the objects we've included. These videos are all available in a special playlist at Museum Victoria's YouTube channel. One of the videos, about photographer and naturalist A J Campbell can be seen below, as a taster to explore the others.


We are very excited to join just a handful of other galleries and museums in Australia, including our friends at the NGV, but many others around the world, to showcase extraordinary and beautiful works of art. We hope you will enjoy exploring some our rich treasures in this quite new light.


Museum Victoria's collection on Google Art Project

Google Art Project playlist on YouTube

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Lyn Nielsen 22 April, 2012 12:54
I just saw your Art Project programme on the ABC. My husband and I have two significant indidgenous paintings. One which was done by Clifford Possum. We have been looking for a place to hang this piece so that everyone could enjoy it. Either that or sell it. Would you be interested?
Discovery Centre 23 April, 2012 09:34
Hi there Lyn, thanks for your generous offer. Normally we ask that donation offers are submitted through the Ask the Experts link at left but we have contacted you via email with regard to this.
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