Bunjil's wings

by Kate C
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9 August 2013
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Outside, you see the vast nest - a thick tangle of branches and feathers - of Bunjil, Kulin creator being and Wedge-tailed Eagle. Within the nest hangs a marvellous kinetic sculpture that represents Bunjil’s wings, the sinuous curves of the Country he created, and the cycle of creation itself. As it moves and glows, Koorie Elders speak of Bunjil singing the Country, Law and people of the Kulin nation into being.

In this video, members of the First Peoples team talk about the Creation Cinema and Bunjil's Nest, and show you a preview of Bunjil's wings in flight.


Bunjil’s Nest and the Creation Cinema were developed under the guidance of the First Peoples Yulendj Group and are a creative collaboration between Glenn Romanis (Wedge-tailed Eagle feathers), Synthesis Design + Build (Bunjil’s Nest), ENESS (concept, design, vision and sound for Bunjil’s wings) and Melbourne Museum (overall concept and design).

First Peoples opens to the public on Saturday 7 September 2013 with an all-day festival celebrating Koorie culture.

Comments (12)

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Peter 12 August, 2013 08:30
Absolutely wonderous. A credit to all who worked on it and I'm sure a delight for all who see it and learn from it. Can't wait to see it for real.
Lee Morgan 12 August, 2013 23:55
Beautiful. So upset I wont be there for the opening.
Jan Molloy 13 August, 2013 16:37
How wonderful
Bliss 31 August, 2013 16:25
Looking absolutely superb! Can't wait to see it!
Melissa Pearson 6 September, 2013 17:00
I am beside myself....I just heard about this from ABC radio program, driving to collect kids x 2 from school having just left my goodbye at the Monet Exhibition, his last days here. Now this. What a gift you are about to open to the people of Melbourne and guests. Nup...10am cant come quick enough.
Bethany 24 April, 2014 12:11
Edgar 3 July, 2014 17:59
Probably the most beautiful creation I have seen in a museum. I stayed there for hours. The wings, deeply impacted my delight and connection to the people from melbourne. I want to see it again, but apparently is not in exhibition ATM. Can't wait.
Discovery Centre 4 July, 2014 11:25

Hi Edgar,

Thank you for your lovely feedback regarding Bunjil's wings. Just for your information the wings are available to see in the First People's exhibition.

RANDY MCKENNA 18 August, 2015 01:50
Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank "Eagle Feathers Form" to fill out?
nancy 22 September, 2015 12:10
Awesome! who's got license of bunjil? eness, melbourne museum or other one?
Darcie 7 April, 2016 23:15
Last year I had the opportunity to take a Koorie camp to the museum. These children were found and wondrous about the entire exhibition. And then we came to Bunjil's nest and they all stopped. We all stood and sat in ore and watched and listen to the story. It was truly amazing and I still have goosebumps remembering it today. Thank you for allowing me to connect to my students and for giving us all a marvellous introduction into Bunjil's story of creation.
Discovery Centre 8 April, 2016 09:59
Thanks for sharing, Darcie. We're so glad you and your students enjoyed the experience.
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