Alice (6)


Alice is part of the Discovery Centre team and works across both centres at the Immigration and Melbourne Museums. She loves exploring behind the scenes and wishes that her house looked more like the Wild exhibition space.

Blair (19)


Blair is one of the museum’s mariney types, currently gathering snippets of sub-surface information for the museum’s apps and website. A good day in Blair's office involves Frosty Fruits and animals with five arms.

Caitlin (1)


The most common question Caitlin hears while working as a keeper for Live Exhibits is "is it alive?" Discovering how different creatures stay alive will never cease to amaze her.

Colin (5)


Colin, apart from working in Live Exhibits, is studying mygalomorph spiders and scorpions in the desert of central Australia. He loves keeping them alive, but is also fascinated with how they work on the inside, too.

David P (2)

David P

David is new to the world of animal keeping, but his enthusiasm is certainly making up for his experience. He is no stranger to getting muddy on the job.

Dr Andi (17)

Dr Andi

Dr Andi Horvath can’t resist prowling through MV’s collections to link history, science and culture. As a curator and science enthusiast her motto has been 'I ponder therefore I podcast' but now it seems she blogs too. Enjoy her series 'Five things...'

Guests (214)


Guest posts are written by a variety of people from Museum Victoria and beyond.

Hayley (2)


Hayley is a librarian at the Museum Victoria Library.

J. Patrick Greene (6)

J. Patrick Greene

Dr J. Patrick Greene is an archaeologist and the CEO of Museum Victoria. 

Jareen (5)


Jareen is Acting Marketing Manager, Scienceworks. She hopes Santa brings her a holiday to see narwhals in the Arctic Ocean.

Jessie (5)


Jessie Sinclair works in the Live Exhibits department as a keeper. Six-legged animals, anything happening in Bugs Alive! and seasonal changes in the Forest Gallery keep her enthused about her job.

Jo (9)


Jo works in the Immigration Discovery Centre helping people uncover family history. She loves that no two days in the Discovery Centre are the same, and that she can now identify a selection of random bugs!

Kate B (3)

Kate B

Kate works in the Melbourne Museum and Immigration Discovery Centres. She studied Fashion and Textiles and now Industrial and Communication Design. Kate loves trawling for treasures in op shops and making stuff out of other stuff.

Kate C (180)

Kate C

Kate is MV's online writer and editor. Her job is to dig up great stuff to put on the museum's website. Kate loves shiny things, cake and creepy crawlies.

Katrina (4)


Katrina works at the Melbourne and Immigration Museum Discovery Centres. She is also studying a Master of Arts and Cultural Management, with a particular interest in material culture and contemporary Indigenous Australian art.

Max (9)


Max is one of the Discovery Centre crew. In his job, Max explores the dizzying heights of scientific enquiry, crawls through the undergrowth of social history and dives into geneaology. Unfortunately, Max has no sense of direction.

Meg (4)


Meg has been discovering in the Discovery Centre since 2008 and is undertaking doctoral research on psychedelic psychiatric drugs. In her spare time she is a proud Carlton supporter. These last two things are unrelated.

Nicole D (8)

Nicole D

Nic is based in the Discovery Centres. Once a historian of urban life in Ancient Rome, she is now researching urban life in 19th & 20th century Australia. She's also a photographer, traveller and student of Shaolin kung fu.

Nicole K (18)

Nicole K

Nicole coordinates the Australian branch of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. She works with Australia's museums, herbaria and libraries to digitise their rare books, journals and archives, and to make these treasures freely and openly available online.

Patrick (19)


Patrick Honan has sent spiders into space and helped bring the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect back from the brink of extinction. Now as Manager of Live Exhibits, he oversees all the living things on display at the museum, from tall trees to tiny ants.

Simon (5)


Simon is a Collection Manager in Entomology and helps answer research questions through Melbourne Museum’s Discovery Centre. He has always been amazed by insects. He likes a bit of chocolate, all things French and he throws a mean Frisbee.

Tanya (38)


Dr Tanya Hill is the Planetarium’s astronomer. She loves exploring the Universe and it never fails to amaze her. It was the Orion Nebula that led her to astronomy and she’s reached for the stars ever since.

Siobhan (4)


Siobhan has worked in the MV Discovery Centres since 2009. She’s into museum theory, singing and folk music, sewing, reptiles, parenting and getting her nerd on.

Tim Blackburn (4)

Tim Blackburn

Tim worked as a keeper for Live Exhibits 2008-2013. He completed an Honours project on the foraging behaviour of an Australian frog species in 2009 at Monash University.

Wayne (9)


Wayne works at the Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre, formerly a Science & Life Gallery curator. He's studied the evolution of kangaroos and hangs on to his childhood obsession with dinosaurs. He is also a non-gifted guitarist and music snob.

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