Christmas arrives at Melbourne Museum

by Kate C
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1 December 2010
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Melbourne Museum foyer is decked out for the Christmas season! The tree went up this morning and a special case full of beautiful vintage Christmas decorations was installed yesterday. These are borrowed from the amazing collection of Rob and Lee-Ann Hamilton and include fragile glass baubles and a miniature tree made from dyed goose feathers.

Karen installing the Christmas display. Installing the Christmas display.
Source: Museum Victoria

Vintage glass owl decoration Vintage glass owl decoration on a miniature Christmas tree made from dyed goose feathers.
Source: Museum Victoria

The first of December is the day to start counting down to Christmas Day with an advent calendar. So we thought we’d make an online Museum Victoria advent calendar with random treats and prizes.

At 5pm each day until Christmas Eve, we’ll post a link to a Christmassy collection item through MV’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and ask a question. The first correct answer to the question will be in the running for museum goodies like badges, books, toys and tickets. Come and play!

Comments (5)

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Kate C 1 December, 2010 17:58

Advent Calendar door #1 was swiftly and correctly answered via Twitter - the question was what did Kathleen receive for Xmas? The answer - a tennis racquet.


Sue 2 December, 2010 08:15
Thanks for showing this lovely little owl - he is rather special.
Nicole 2 December, 2010 08:35
I love this idea!
Lee-Ann 10 January, 2011 11:32
To all the very lovely staff at the museum thank you so VERY MUCH! for having my vintage decorations on display. We have enjoyed "showing them off! to the world" and am sure they have brought back many wonderful memories of "Grandparents" Christmas trees.
Kate C 10 January, 2011 12:07
Thank YOU, Lee-Ann! The decorations have been very popular and have been a wonderful addition to the foyer.
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