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by Alexandra
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13 December 2011
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Alexandra is the Early Learning Program Coordinator at Scienceworks. She loves exploring the ways in which science engages young children.

The first trial of the Nitty Gritty Super City interactive PDF on iPads went well last week!

child playing with iPad Child playing with an iPad at the trial of the interactive PDF.
Image: Jackie McWiliam
Source: DEECD

The interactive PDF was designed to work like a series of games based on the much-loved Nitty Gritty exhibition content. It functions like a low-tech app, and will soon be available to download from the Scienceworks education pages. It is full of physical and environmental science concepts specifically developed for early learners, in accordance with the Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

woman sitting in front of group of children Alexandra demonstrating the Nitty Gritty Super City interactive PDF section about microscopes.
Image: Jackie McWiliam
Source: DEECD

Out of the group of 22 four and five year olds, two children had iPads at home and five children said they had seen an iPad before.

When I showed the children the iPad for the first time, I asked the group, 'What is this?' One child yelled at the top of his voice, 'It's an iPad!'

When I asked the group what an iPad was, one child said, 'It's a rectangle!' Completely wonderful.

children playing with iPads Kids learning what to do when the 'Oops!' screen pops up.
Image: Jackie McWiliam
Source: DEECD

And while we have a little tweaking to do based on this inaugural trial, apparently Christmas came to Laverton Children's Community Centre a little early this year.


Nitty Gritty Super Kids

Comments (3)

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Aaron 14 December, 2011 09:41
Well done Alexandra on a wonderful interactive PDF!
Mirah 19 December, 2011 09:28
The kids look captivated and last pic shows lots of concerntration. Looks like lots of fun!
Shivanthi 19 December, 2011 16:24
Great PDF. wonderful idea Alexandra
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