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by Kearston
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6 December 2011
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On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 of November, Scienceworks Pumping Station was transformed into a LEGO® haven for young and old. The Melbourne LEGO® User's Group (MUG) along with hundreds of fans and visitors created a huge, moving road train whilst raising awareness for the benefits of LEGO® as therapy for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Two men with LEGO Two of our volunteers getting involved in the train building.
Image: Kearston Bloxidge
Source: Museum Victoria

MUG describe themselves as "Adult Fans of LEGO®" and say that they have witnessed the power of LEGO® play to help children with ASD communicate and grow. They are dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of ASD around the world. It is believed that the systematic and highly structured nature of LEGO® appeals to children with ASD, while giving them the opportunity to share tasks with their peers. Studies have shown that ASD children receive long-term benefits from this kind of play, too.

LEGO train at Scienceworks The train under construction as each individual trailer was added.
Image: Kearston Bloxidge
Source: Museum Victoria

The goal was to construct the largest road train possible in the two days. Once the individual trailers were built, visitors could let their imagination run wild in building the cargo for the train to haul. After two days, up to 3000 visitors to Scienceworks had contributed to the construction of 190 trailers which combined made a road train just over 46 metres in length.

LEGO dinosaur robot This dinosaur robot was just one of the many amazingly creative lots of cargo seen on the trailers.
Image: Kearston Bloxidge
Source: Museum Victoria

This event wasn't exclusively for the kids; in fact there were just as many big kids! Some visitors stayed all day Saturday and then came back for more on Sunday!



Yahoo group for Melbourne LEGO® User Group (MUG)

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Pennie 6 December, 2011 09:52
Great article Kearston!
Neil 9 December, 2011 13:31
That Robot Dinosaur was made by son Ryan! He will be so happy its on the website!
Lauren 9 December, 2011 15:46
The robot dinosaur is amazing! Great project.
lesley hughes 10 December, 2011 10:24
Great one Ryan love nainie
Frances & Kenneth 12 December, 2011 07:27
Nice one Ryan Aunty and Uncle
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