Meet Me at the Museum episode 2

by Dr Andi
Publish date
12 December 2011
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Here is episode two of 'Meet Me at the Museum', a video series about our collection.

We marvel at how particular specimens made it into our collection.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. And be sure to see our previous episodes if you haven't already.


Watch this video with a transcript.

Comments (3)

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Alice 12 December, 2011 12:40
Bernard 13 December, 2011 10:05
Hey Andi, nice work! I love the crows-to-paradise story. I did want to hear Wallace speak, however - was this debated and discounted, or never on the cards? Bernard
max owen 16 December, 2011 10:40
This is great storytelling with beautiful imagery.I'm getting out the binoculars to become a twitcher.Well done Dr Andi.
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