Martin Sharp's Federation Tapestry

by Kate C
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4 December 2013
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We're sorry to hear of the recent death of Sydney artist Martin Sharp, His many achievements – among them the co-creation of Oz magazine in the late 1960s and the psychedelic refurbishment of Sydney's Luna Park in the 1970s – Sharp designed the tenth and final panel of the Federation Tapestry which hangs in Melbourne Museum.

Celebrations 2001 Federation Tapestry Celebrations 2001, the tenth of the Federation Tapestry series, designed by Martin Sharp.
Source: Museum Victoria

Central to Sharp's tapestry, titled Celebrations 2001, is one of his most often-used motifs: the word 'Eternity' in elegant copperplate script. This is a tribute to Arthur Stace who wrote the word on the streets of Sydney, anonymously, for decades. Sharp surrounded this centrepiece with other powerful images of Australia: 'Sorry' written in the sky above the Sydney Opera House, an artwork by Ginger Riley, a quote from Patrick White, and the First Fleet.


Tribute to Martin Sharp by Sean O'Brien on ABC Open

Infosheets about the Federation Tapestry

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