Married to the Job vodcast

by Dr Andi
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10 February 2011
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Today we launch our new vodcast series, Married to the Job, where we chat to museum staff. In the tradition of museum object and specimen collecting, we ask them to tell us about themselves and their work by showing us something old, new, borrowed and blue.

So let’s meet John Retallick, Public Programs Officer here at Museum Victoria.

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Comments (4)

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Jenny 10 February, 2011 14:04
Love it!
Kim 10 February, 2011 16:09
Good work John!! :)
Peter Roberts 12 February, 2011 08:24
Hey John, great video! I especially liked the blue bit because I was the one who refurbished the Vervet monkey and painted his boy bits. I probably would have left them brown but there was a message written in ink on the base of the mount which read "The testes of this animal when alive were a beautiful turquoise color-1837" (sic) It was a message from the past that I could not ignore and like you I needed to confirm that this was indeed true before I would believe it. Its nice to think that a little note by a preparator like me would bring such joy to people 170 years later!
John R 16 February, 2011 09:03
Thanks for the info Peter. It's those sorts of stories that connect current museum workers with the thousands of people who have worked and contributer to the museum in the past. One of the reasons it's such a great place to work at. I'm glad this little video can draw attention to your fine and accurate work. John
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