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Something old

One of my favourite old objects in the museum is the radio in the Melbourne Story gallery. I particularly like the fascia of it that shows all of the different radio stations from all over Australia, and it reminds me of when I was a teenager and I used to listen to radio at night.

Something new

I love creating new public programs, and I love teaching people new information and getting new things. We've got this new meteorite. It's brand new, we've only had it for a week - but it's millions of years old of course. And the good thing about this is that you can handle it and you can't do that with most stuff in the collection. So this is great. It's new!

Something borrowed

This is the Tree of Life in the Children's Gallery and what the children do is they create leaves for the tree and bring it to life. It's part of our biodiversity display and we borrowed this idea from City of Melbourne's Art Play where they had a big bear that kids made furry. So we've borrowed that idea here and also in the Bunjilaka gallery for a giant Bunjil Eagle that we created and the kids added feathers to it.

Something blue

One of the things that makes me smile here at the museum is the Vervet Monkey in the Wild gallery. It's got really blue boy bits. When I first saw it I thought the preparators - they're the people who stuff all the animals and things like that - I thought they were playing a joke on us. But no, I did some research, and the Vervet Monkeys, they have really blue boy bits.

So yep, I just love that old Bakelite radio; and that cool, new, amazing meteorite; and I'm still glad we borrowed that leaf idea; and what can you say about the Vervet Monkey with its bright blue boy bits? Uh, yeah.

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kristen 25 February, 2011 00:25
Awesome and hilarious! Thanks for posting.
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