Project Seasons

by Tanya
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14 February 2011
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As our visitors relax under the Planetarium’s stars, what many of them don’t know is that just next door it’s a hub of activity. We’re busy working on a brand new fulldome planetarium show that will be launched later this year.

The question we’re exploring? What would happen if you accidentally messed up the seasons? That's what our characters, Anni and Max, have just done  – they’ve made it snow in the middle of summer!

storyboard from seasons show Our storyboard of snow inside Anni's bedroom in summer!
Source: Museum Victoria

We've taken our script and mapped it out in storyboard form. The storyboard has a strange shape to capture the Planetarium's unique fulldome format.

You see we don’t use a normal rectangular screen but a 180-degree dome above our heads. It's the perfect way for showing a starry night sky and it also puts you in the centre of the action.

But behind the scenes, it means we must work with circular images – where the bottom is the front, the top is the back, (left is left, right is right) and the centre is what you see directly overhead.

Anna's Room - Spinning Out A scene from Spinning Out, a show we made on the seasons many years ago.
Source: Museum Victoria

Can you imagine how the room above would look if it was projected onto a dome?

This new show we are working on will be our 14th production since the Melbourne Planetarium opened here at Scienceworks in 1999. It’s also our 4th production made in fulldome (the official name for this circular format).

Follow us on the blog as we give you some sneak-peaks of the show and its characters, Anni and Max, taking shape!

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