After hours at Melbourne Museum

by Kate C
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11 January 2011
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What's this conservator doing?

Elizabeth holding a rope Elizabeth holding a rope...
Source: Museum Victoria

And this one?


Sam holding a rope Sam holding a rope...
Source: Museum Victoria

No, they're not flying giant kites in the Melbourne Museum foyer; they were carefully lowering our replica Duigan Biplane for cleaning last night.

  Lowering the Duigan Biplane Lowering the Duigan Biplane for cleaning.
Source: Museum Victoria

This kind of large-scale work takes place once museum visitors have left. It means that conservators can work some strange hours!

Duigan Biplane cleaning The dusty Duigan back on the ground ready for cleaning.
Source: Museum Victoria

The biplane was back up near the ceiling this morning, and the floor was clear for the return of the Deliverette, which has been in storage while the special Titanic exhibition desk occupied its place in the foyer.

Deliverette van Special delivery! The Deliverette van returning from the collection store.
Source: Museum Victoria

It's great to see this unique little van back in the building. It is a prototype small delivery vehicle designed in the late 1940s at the aircraft factory at Fishermen's Bend. The start of the Korean War halted its production. What a shame - the Deliverette would have been perfect for Melbourne's narrow laneways. Perhaps it could have become an iconic Melbourne vehicle like our trams.


Centennary of the Duigan Biplane's first flight

Deliverette on Collections Online

Comments (2)

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Dustin Bennett 12 January, 2011 06:09
What happened to the tags for the techies?????? why are people so unkind to the techs? (that was a joke people)
Kate C 12 January, 2011 09:14
Good point, Dustin! None of this could happen without technicians and my apologies for not acknowledging them and their work from the start!
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