Cleaning the creek

by Colin
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14 January 2011
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If you have wandered into the Forest Gallery in the new year, you may have noticed that the creek looks much clearer. Just before Christmas 2010, Live Exhibits staff got together to clean ten years' worth of silt and sludge that had built up since the opening of the gallery. It was a tough and dirty job, but the end result was well worth it when the clean water was turned back on.

First we had to drain the creek.......

Forest Gallery creek being drained. The Forest Gallery creek drained of its water.
Source: Museum Victoria we could remove all the rocks.....

Removing the creek rocks Removing the creek rocks.
Source: Museum Victoria

...and scoop out all the stinky mud!

Scooping out mud Scooping out ten years' worth of mud from the creek's base.
Source: Museum Victoria

With all of the rocks washed and returned...

Clean rocks in creek bed Squeaky-clean rocks back in position
Source: Museum Victoria

...we could fire up the pump...

Forest Gallery pump The pump that circulates water through the Forest Gallery
Source: Museum Victoria

...and let the water flow. C'est fini!

Clean Forest Gallery creek. Sparkling, crystal-clear Forest Gallery creek.
Source: Museum Victoria


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Comments (3)

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John R 15 January, 2011 09:02
Great work LE crew. Noice use of sequential art storytelling in the post too. Very Fumetti!
Peter 17 January, 2011 14:37
Looks like you had fun. Keep up the good work.
Amy B 2 February, 2011 11:12
Hey all involved in the clean up, the creek looks beautiful, all sparkly and new. also looks like the clean up was good fun as well. I'm also impressed with the sequential art storytelling thingy going on.
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