Lavender and jacarandas

by Kate C
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1 February 2011
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In Melbourne's sizzling 38ºC heat today, the landscaping crew are planting out the Royal Exhibition Building western forecourt. The larger trees - including jacarandas, oaks and araucarias - are already planted. Pots and pots of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), lamb's ear (Stachys byzantina) and other plants have arrived and will go into the ground this week.

Plants in truck Plants arriving in trucks.
Source: Museum Victoria

  pots of lavender Plants in pots lined up near the central circular garden.
Source: Museum Victoria

Workers on the REB site Landscapers planting out patches of lamb's ear.
Source: Museum Victoria

The landscape architect, Barrie Gallagher from CDA Design Group, used plant catalogues from the 1800s, newspaper reports and early pictures of the site to design a garden that would reflect the original planting. The design is an informal arrangement of plants that would have been common in Victorian-era gardens, including sage, penstemon, flaxes and cabbage trees, within the beds around the formal circular driveway. Wonderful fragrant plants, such as mock orange, daphne and roses, will ensure the western forecourt garden will soon delight our noses as well as our eyes.

Comments (2)

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Shirley Anderson 6 February, 2011 16:43
What a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to seeing (and smelling)the end result already!
Lena Daniels 7 February, 2011 14:03
Look forward to calling into the MM to see the display and gain some ideas for my garden.
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