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by Kate C
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18 January 2011
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First generation iPod First generation iPod in the MV Collection from 2001. It was donated by a journalist who reviewed the device just before its release in Australia. (HT13346)
Source: Museum Victoria

Two new Museum Victoria podcasts by Dr Andi are now available on the MV website to listen to or download.

The first podcast, part of the series Someone's Gotta Do It, profiles MV's chief tweeter and number one narwhal fan, Jareen Summerhill. Jareen helps Phar Lap manage his Facebook page, too.

The second, Episode 26 in the Access All Areas series, takes the poetry of Ogden Nash to museum experts for the full story on ants, pythons, ducks, coelocanths and more. Exactly how many ribs do reticulated pythons have, anyway?


Archive: Access All Areas podcasts

Archive: Someone's Gotta Do It podcasts 

iPod on Collections Online

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