Meet Me at the Museum episode 3

by Dr Andi
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5 January 2012
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Welcome to another episode of 'Meet Me at the Museum', the video series about our collection.

In episode three we return to House Secrets to take a fascinating look at the little-known past of a common domestic object.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. And be sure to catch up on the whole series if you haven't already.


Watch this video with a transcript.

Comments (2)

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Peter 6 January, 2012 08:18
Another wonderful insight into what many of us think mundane. And a fearless decision in wearing black around all that dust! Congraulations and thank you Dr Andi.
Pat B 6 January, 2012 09:22
Love the 1970s marketing ad. Imagine if it really were a James Bond movie promotion - perhaps for a movie "Live and let suction", or "On Her Majesty's Secret Suction" or "Tomorrow Never Sucks", or "The Vaccuum Cleaner Who Loved Me"... James Dyson shirt's fantastic by the way!
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