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by Kate C
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7 January 2012
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We love our MV Members. We appreciate their ardent support of our museums, we love that they help us plan exhibitions and to improve what we do. But why do our members choose to join Museum Victoria?

Chris and Janet Wright have held a family membership for many years and also donate to MV. We asked them a few questions to find out why.

The Wright family on a couch The Wright family on the House Secrets monster couch.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

What made you decide to become MV Members?

Our children were babies and pre-schoolers and we wanted to pop in for an hour or so every few months. We'd meet relatives and their kids there, and stay for a little while. It was fun, stimulating and educational. Membership was an economical way for the whole family to go to the museum. We've stayed on as members both to keep the value for money, but increasingly to support the work of the museum. Janet has a personal connection to the museum, with one of her friends working there when she was at university, and the collection houses some of Chris's grandfather's firearm collection. Our daughter Annie did work experience there during her secondary school.

What do you value about Museum Victoria?

Having access to the world of knowledge, and to the world of finding out, is central to our way of life. We value that MV makes science accessible, interesting and attractive to Victorians, and it supports the work of scientists in our state. The Immigration Museum preserves wonderful stories of the history of so many Victorian families and the staff there continue to add to our knowledge.

Do you have a favourite memory or experience from your visits?

I remember as a little boy going to visit the museum when it was housed in the State Library Building on Swanston St. I was completely fascinated with the working models - these were to-scale replicas of various machines - steam engines, motors, dynamos, generators, 4 and 2 stroke petrol motors, diesel motors - all in their own wooden / glass display case, with a lovely white button in a brass bezel on the front. When you pushed the button: THINGS HAPPENED!!! The motors went around, the electric motors whirred - quite a miracle for an eight-year-old to see!

Wright family at Scienceworks The Wright family in the Perception Deception exhibit at Scienceworks.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

When we visited Scienceworks as a family, we'd all try to race Cathy Freeman - we'd laugh at the skeleton pedalling and wonder at mechanics of the Pumping Station. The Immigration Museum brought back memories for Janet - when she was seven she went to the US on an ocean liner. The mock cabin brought all those memories flooding back.

Wright family at Scienceworks The Wright family racing Cathy Freeman at Sportsworks.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

Are you an MV Member? What draws you back to membership each year? Do you have a favourite museum memory you'd like to share?


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