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by Jo
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14 January 2012
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After four years, and hundreds of questions, the Discovery Centre's online Question of the Week and Your Questions articles are moving house to the MV Blog.

Horse heam moving a house Horse team moving a house from Creswick through Allendale, Victoria, circa 1909. (MM 001930)
Source: Museum Victoria

We will still be answering all of your curious and quirky questions, but you will now have the chance to get to know us a little better. The weekly blog posts by the folks of the Melbourne Museum and Immigration Museums Discovery Centres will appear as Your Questions here on the MV Blog. This is the place to go to read about interesting facts, see curious objects, and become the person everyone wants on their pub trivia team. Read all the weird and wonderful questions the museum staff are asked, and even better, find out the answers!


Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre Question of the Week archive

Immigration Discovery Centre Your Questions archive

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rosemary smith 25 February, 2016 22:04
WE have swarms of beetles. Looked up your site and you have a perfect picture of what our place looks like - millions of them. But you state that they don't eat plants (this site was 2012) but my tomatoes are mysteriously being eaten out as though something has a spoon and scooping the flesh out. I don't know if it is the beetles but other animals/birds would normally trash the tomatoes. Can anyone help?
Discovery Centre 27 February, 2016 14:41
Hi Rosemary, the Plague Soldier Beetles may be on the plants but they won't be eating the tomatoes. The cuplrit for the damage could be a range of things that are likely to be found in your yard. There are a number of bird species, such as the introduced Indian Mynahs which are known to do this; rats and possums could also be responsible. 
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