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by Tanya
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27 July 2011
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We’re proud of our planetarium shows and know how important it is to deliver high quality productions that speak directly to our local audiences.

But did you know that it's not just Melburnians that get to enjoy our planetarium shows?

World Distribution Map Melbourne Planetarium shows screening around the world. The eight shows are distinguished by colour.
Image: Warik Lawrance
Source: Museum Victoria

Since 2007, we have been licensing our shows to play in planetariums around the world. From countries as different as India, South Korea and Turkey, to cities across Europe and the USA, people are enjoying our unique brand of planetarium shows. We’ve even had one show Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown translated into Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Russian.

Have you seen any Melbourne Planetarium shows on your travels?


Comments (2)

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Vera 27 July, 2011 16:52
I saw your show Our Living Climate at the 'Imiloa Planetarium in Hawaii! I noticed that they were sold out of another of your shows Tycho to the Moon! Well done!
Warik 28 July, 2011 15:54
As one of the animators on Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown, I have seen the show many times over. However, it was with great excitement I was able to view it in Helsinki. I will say switching my audio head set from Swedish to Finnish and Russian was quite entertaining. But in the end nothing could beat the captivating narration of Geoffrey Rush.
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