Married to the Job vodcast - Sarah Edwards


The Discovery Program is a mobile outreach service. We deliver programs to people around Victoria who can't make a visit to one of our venues. Those people include 4-year-old kindergarten children, people in aged care facilities, hospitals and in prison.

Something old

When I think of something old, what could be older than a dinosaur? A 65-million-year-old, plant-eating dinosaur from Mongolia, a Tsintaosaurus. What's special for me about the Tsintaosaurus is the fact that we take parts of this dinosaur out on a roadshow around Victoria for everyone to engage with.

Something new

When it comes to something new an area that I'm currently working on is editing the online learning kits. The wonderful thing about those kits is they're being constantly updated and renewed and it's a resource that's available not just for Victorians but for people around the world.

Something borrowed

The Federation Handbells were created in 2001 to celebrate the centenary of Federation. We have 80 sets that you can borrow.

Something blue

As part of our Work in the Home program, we take out Reckitt's Bag Blue. Before optical whiteners, Reckitt's Bag Blue was a laundry bag that was used to make whites whiter and lights brighter. The reason this is really special to me is that my grandma used to use this to take the sting out of my bee stings.


So how old is that Tsintaosaurus? 65 million years, can you believe it? The new online publishing resources, check them out. Have you borrowed our Federation Handbells? And as for Reckitt's Bag Blue, my grandma was an ace!

About this Video

Sarah Edwards from the Discovery Program describes something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue from her job.
Length: 2:19